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lines than google's. >>> many young africans are held back by a poor education or none at all. some countries don't spend enough money building schools. that happens in niger, one of the world's poorers nations. only 60% make it to elementary school. some parents are trying to change that. they are chipping this money and time. >> reporter: an elementary school, the capital city, children travel from three different villages. it's the area's first elementary school. it was local people who built it four years ago. the government has teachers but locals chip in for the cost of the school operations and teaching materials. about 90 children attend this school. one of the students in the fourth grade class is 16 years old. this is the only school close do his home. >> translator: i hope that when i grow up i become a useful person who can help my country. that's my dream. >> reporter: the children's parents maintain the school. he's among those in charge. six of his children go to the school. when the donkey hate branches that ate up the classroom wall, his parents replace it. >> trans
, but as a non-profit, a charity. in its filing with the irs, alec says its mission is education which means it pays no taxes and its corporate members get a tax write-off. its legislators get a lot too. >> in wisconsin, i can't take anything of value from a lobbyist. i can't take a cup of coffee from a lobbyist. at alec, it's just the opposite. you know, you get there and you're being wined and dined by corporate interests, i can go down there, and be wined and dined for days in order to hear about their special legislation. i mean, the head of shell oil flew in on his private jet to come to this conference. the head of one the largest utility companies in the country was there on a panel. utility company in 13 states and here he is presenting to legislators. i mean, they clearly brought in some of the biggest corporate names in "special interestdom" and had that meeting with legislators because a lot of business transpires at these events. >> the most important business happens in what alec calls "task forces." there are currently eight of them, with a corporate take on every important iss
.n. symposium on education. she's been working hard to improve myanmar's ties with the outside world. observers say thein sein is stressing his alliance with the opposition leader to convince western nations to eliminate sanctions against myanmar. >>> torrential rain continues to wreak havoc across pakistan. at least 370 people have been killed and almost 1,200 injured during this year's monsoon. the national disaster management authority says southern sindh province is hardest-hit. 188 people have been killed and more than 28,000 displaced in the area. heavy rain has also devastated the eastern province of panjub. 60 people there have died. army troops are working around the clock to aid flood victims. officials say the military has used over 150 helicopters to distribute food. in sind province. reuters reports the prime minister ashraf has pledged more than 1.5 million u.s. dollars of food, tents and other emergency supplies. >>> singapore's economic success comes largely thanks to its hardworking citizens. female workers often have to choose between having a career or a family. and more and
education, but what can they do? >> the potential radicalization of the bedouins and the volatile border with israel make for an explosive combination. in a frequent sign of protest from a gas pipelines are -- signed a protest, gas pipelines are set alight. the barren lands of north sinai have become a fertile breeding ground for extremism. >> back to germany now. one of the main reasons germany has managed to avoid the worst of the eurozone debt crisis is that it has actually adhered to the fiscal discipline it has been preaching to other more troubled economies. reforming benefit programs has been central to its economic program. >> the biggest reforms haven't of cutbacks to pensions and increasing -- have involved cutbacks to pensions and increasing the retirement age from 65 to to 67. the ong the retirement age from 65 to 67. the ongoing drop in the birthrate is causing problems. >> there are divided over how to repair germany's pension system -- they are divided over how to repair germany's pension system. many retirees are struggling to make ends meet. benefits are not keeping up w
earnings. >> i just want my mother to be okay and for my sister to have a reasonable school education. >> it is the same routine every morning. at 5:00 a.m., she gets up to start another day's work. >> a cake, changing topics now. it is called dark romanticism -- are dealing with themes such as sen and self destruction -- art dealing with themes such as sin and self-destruction. then a museum in frankfurt has dedicated entire exhibition to this genre. it focuses on the fascination artists have had with the dark side. >> a mad look in her eyes, a dead child in her lap. this 1853 work is called " hunger, madness, crime." this new exhibition in frankfurt and to show the dark side of humanity. as in this crazy horse and a demon hovering over a reclining woman by a swiss artist. >> i think turning the gaze inward is the key. there were often drugs involved. for example, it is believed he ate raw meat in order to get these dreams. that comes across 150 years later and will continue to do so most likely. >> the exhibition displays paintings and sculpture as well as several film clips. a fran
100 schools and in 15 hospitals. a primary concern is educating women and girls and making sure they stay healthy. an 84-year-old american has spent years researching non- violent revolutions. his books are read by social activists all over the globe, including the arab world. based in the u.k., the other winner, campaign against arms trade, is a non-governmental organization, which has been fighting for an end to arms trade since 1974. they are known for spectacular campaigns which they organize themselves. the honorary prize went to a turkish and entrepreneur -- turkish on to print your -- turkish entrepreneur, who supports farmers who work the land in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. >> we will be back after a short break. do not go away. >> stay with us. >> welcome back. german chancellor angela merkel has been summoned to answer questions about decisions she made as environment minister in the 1990's. a parliamentary committee is looking into mismanagement of a test site to dump nuclear waste. >> critics say merkel authorized tunnels to be dug without goi
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